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Ailish & Dan's big day was just a week before Christmas, and I knew it would be a good one! 

I arrived around 3 hours before the ceremony at Ailish's house for capture all the girls getting ready. This gave me plenty of time to capture everyone in the makeup chair, candid shots of everyone enjoying the morning, and any detailed shots of the dress/shoes etc.

The ceremony took place at Olton Friary in Solihull, so as soon as id captured portraits of Ailish in her dress, I went to the church to capture guests arriving. We had planned to capture groups and portraits after the ceremony in the church grounds, but the weather wasn't playing ball, so we went straight to the venue instead.

Due to the time of year, the sun was pretty much gone by the time we arrived at the venue, so I knew groups and portraits were most likely going to be done indoors, completely different to what we had planned before the day! Drinks and canapés were being served whilst I scouted a location for group shots, and decided on the lobby area as I didn't want to drag everyone too far from the rest of the wedding guests. They turned out perfect, and I imagine better than they would have in the grounds of the church as originally planned. When the rain stopped, I suggested a walk to great western arcade for portraits, again which turned out great and really suited the style of the day.

We arrived back at the venue ready to cut the cake and get onto the dance floor!

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